Beryl Odette: It Has Been A Long Time

2030 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027
Nov 04, 4 PM - 7 PM — ends Nov 25, 2023
Born and based in Los Angeles, Beryl Odette is descended from survivors of slavery and the Holocaust. Embodiment and identity are consistent themes in Odette’s work, always in dialogue with her technique emphasizing surface and depth. The physicality of her haunting, vibrant, opulent canvas surfaces draw you in with their allure. However, surface also signifies the brutality of our society’s prioritizing of specific conventions of beauty, wealth, ways of being. Odette contends with these imposed definitions by giving us a soft entrance to a dreamlike depth where one can confront harsher realities. “I’m always beginning a conversation,” Odette says. “I want a viewer to have their own experience of the work. Encountering the work without explanation. No wrong answers.”

What Odette offers is a different kind of visibility - gorgeous surfaces that allow encounters in the depths – with the past, with the future, with possibilities for who one might have been.