Speedy Gallery Holiday Exhibition

2525 Michigan Ave. B5B, Santa Monica, 90404
Nov 18, 4 PM - 7 PM — ends Jan 20, 2024
The Speedy Gallery Holiday Exhibition is a dynamic showcase of contemplation, featuring artists based both in Los Angeles and globally. They bring varied styles and distinctive viewpoints, challenging the essence of conventional notions within the sphere of contemporary art. Each creation contributes to a larger conceptual narrative that transcends the palpable, delving into mystical realms inspired by spiritual connections and life experiences. Through both strategic and tumultuous lines, abstraction, and portraiture, the audience is urged to confront the fragmented nature of existence, recognizing the profound depth within each individual.

In this exhibition, our reflective painters oscillate between monochromatic outlines and lively tapestries, aiming to captivate a global audience. The fusion of award-winning artists and emerging local talents in our presentation embodies a distinctive viewpoint shaped by meditation practices and personal expressions of emotion. Each piece presented is the result of self-reflection, a journey toward finding peace, and embracing self-acceptance.

Speedy Gallery is honored to host this gathering of exceptional talent. Please join us in exploring thought-provoking concepts as we collectively explore the interplay of art, spirituality, and the intricate fabric of life.

Curated by Anatalia Bianchi, Director