Kaloust Guedel: Excessivist Initiative

650 A South Avenue 21, Los Angeles, CA 90031
Oct 04, 2 PM - 5 PM — ends Nov 02, 2015
Excessivist Initiative reflects the capitalist system where excess is constantly encouraged for the benefit of profit. It forges a communal direction to a phenomenon, which reflects societal attitudes towards material values. Excessively generous use of recourses has been magnified in contemporary circumstances, when across the globe, millions go on living malnourished and at the edge of survival. The sole purpose of the capitalist system is to deliver profit, without consideration of all other aspects, including human and environmental. In consumerist based societal structure, there is a mechanism which encourages constant expansion of limits to realize continual growth of profit. This factor is inserted into the fabric of daily existence in the form of excessive consumption; as revealed by determinism, freedom of choice is illusory and society is imposed to function as a reliable producer of excess, the lubricant of capitalist engine. The works in this exhibition represent the singular vision of artists converging into a common theme in the context of Excessivist vision.