Phantasmagoria: Cade, Michael Rollins, Mitra Saboury
2618 Pasadena Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90031
Friday, October 25 at 7:00 PM 11:00 PM
Ends Nov 22, 2019
O’ is pleased to present Phantasmagoria, a three-person exhibition curated by Samantha Greenfeld featuring works by Cade, Michael Rollins, and Mitra Saboury. Much like a fun house, where the normative rules of the outside world are left at the door, three artists come together to transform the gallery into a fully immersive environment that warps conventional perceptions to produce an atmosphere of wacky whimsicality. As you enter the space, you encounter Julius Caesar as he orates a dark-humored theatrical performance on trans-masculine identity and botched plastic surgery. Images of an uncanny pin-up boy adorn the walls, slowly leading you onward towards a dark and mysterious passageway. Spectral hands reach outward from the shadows, grasping and pulling you forward towards the final destination. At the end of the tunnel you find yourself submerged in a sea of undulating visuals. Mirrored projections dance in three dimensions, bending and and twisting the room in a cacophony of light and sound. The works in this show bleed together as they generate a multidimensional visceral experience that engages with the body to arouse celebration and horror. *Costumes strongly encouraged
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