Chinaedu E. Nwadibia: Sister Gaze The Instant Archive
454B jung jing rd
Saturday, February 1 at 6:00 PM 9:00 PM
Ends Feb 28, 2020
Sister Gaze: The Instant Archive is a photography show featuring the work of Chinaedu E. Nwadibia. In the last decade, Nwadibia has traveled the world, capturing intimate polaroid portraits of Black women in front of their businesses or taking a break from their day to day work. This bold body of work places Black women of the world on center stage. This show explores the notion of rest, making room for reflection and all the small graceful nuances of Black women's lives captured through Nwadibia’s ‘sister gaze’. sister gaze |ˈsɪstər. ɡeɪz| the act of depicting Black women through the arts, literature and entertainment, as full beings. Just as they are.
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