Alfredo Romero: Memorias Desprendidas
1923 South Santa Fe Avenue, Suite 100 Los Angeles, California 90021
Saturday, February 27 at 11:00 AM 5:00 PM
Ends Mar 24, 2021
Simard Bilodeau Contemporary is excited to present the exhibition MEMORIAS DESPRENDIDAS - DECONSTRUCTED MEMORIES - by ALFREDO ROMERO, opening Saturday, February 27th until March 24th, 2021, at their Downtown Los Angeles location. It is Romero’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. The Spanish, Mexico-based artist, continues to explore the theme of “Vestiges of our Times”. His works represent an artistic intervention that investigates the Mexican urban discourse that took place on the facades of the buildings between the 1950’s and 1980’s. In the different cities he searches, with a specific strappo technique he developed, he extracts these vestiges that narrate key moments of the passing of life and eras, leaving a trace for the future. The artist explores the cultural memory, and in his own way, fore keeps it in creating artworks that serve as bridges between then and now, between the history and the contemporary. On each artwork, he adds his own mark as a current intervention. Memorias Desprendidas is an incursion into the history and culture of the streets of Mexico. The exhibition presents 16 artworks that translates the construction of the identity of the street culture of his country of adoption.