17 Artworks That'll Help Fix Small Annoyances In Your Life
688 S Santa Fe Ave Los Angeles, CA 90021
Thursday, April 8 at 6:00 PM 9:00 PM
Ends Jun 15, 2021
Has life been exhausting recently? Is our post-truth, hyper-individualist, uber-capitalist, consumerist-crazed society interfering with your daily routine? Is your conscience yearning for a neo-awakening and or greater understanding? Well then, La Galeria Rebelde and Aldo Chaparro Studios’ inaugural exhibition is perfect for you... Celebrating a new Los Angeles project space, Latin American contemporary art gallery, La Galeria Rebelde, and the Mexico-based Aldo Chaparro Studios bring together an impressive cohort of five artists to offer their cure to modern society’s nauseating culture. Collectively, Aldo Chaparro, Fernanda Caballero, JJ Estrada T., and JP Vidal, give insight into a Mexican and Guatemalan niche perspective that alleviates tensions once the art is understood. Working in tangent together, each piece range in a variety of media yet still collaborate to subliminally propose collectivism, passion, sentiment, and observation as a solution to Western anxieties caused through decades of invisible socioeconomic wars contributing to a culture of narcissism, paranoia, fear, hatred, resentment, and isolation. This exhibition aims to challenge social hysteria, translating Latin American optimism to a LA social landscape yearning for empathy and understanding. Aldo Chaparro, arguably one of Mexico’s most influential living contemporary artists, invites Los Angeles to his private artist studio to experience just that: community and compassion. Displaying his iconic body-morphed stainless sculptures along with his abstract paintings, Chapparo creates a dialogue with his wife, Fernanda Caballero. The influencer bohemian darling from Mexico City uses her blissfully pink painting as a synthesis of not only the artists’ intimate romance but additionally a more profound transcendence mimicking a meditative, sedative state of love and emotion. JJ Estrada T, a local hero to the Central American art scene for his contributions in the advancements of Guatemalan photography, presents selected works from his Destensiones collages, a series dedicated to the juxtaposition of the modern and the ancient, further revealing realities of Guatemala, including classism and consumerism. JP Vidal, a Mexico City-native artist who shares the studio with Aldo Chaparro and La Galeria Rebelde in Los Angeles, offers his critique on Western society in the group exhibition, as well. Using a neo-dadaist approach to his work, Vidal satirizes the union of advertising, marketing, and capitalism through his depictions of colored cardboard sculptures. All while rendering a juvenile nostalgia relevant to the artist’s upbringing in Mexico City. The exhibition will take place from April 8, 2021, until June 15, 2021, with an opening reception from 6-9 pm on April 8, 2021. This exhibition and all studio visits to the project space are currently available by appointment only, which can be coordinated through emailing b@larebeldecoleccion.com or contacting the number +1 (805) 587-1580. Follow La Galeria Rebelde and Aldo Chaparro Studios on Instagram for updates and more information at @lagaleriarebelde and @aldochaparrostudios.
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