Muscle memory
727 N. Broadway #205 Los Angeles CA. 90012
Saturday, February 11 at 7:00 PM 10:00 PM
Ends Mar 18, 2023
The Fulcrum is pleased to present Muscle Memory, an exhibition of works by Juliana Halpert, Malerie Marder, Jeffrey Stuker, Blake Jacobsen, Janna Ireland, and Tanya Brodsky. If it is true that images are the universal language, then does our mode of engagement with them and the use to which we put knowledge gleaned from them reveal some unknown? Is there something else that is formed in the space between what can and cannot be articulated photographically? If we accept that all images lie, then maybe there is truth in the phantom gestures of photography, something between the inadvertent and the intentional result, engaged with time and criticality. Photographic gestures are not always visible, getting lost in materials like celluloid, inks, papers, programs and substrates, as well as in concepts and intentions. The inherently mechanized nature of photographic practices offers its user a systematized means to an end. Sustaining one’s practice through the structure of the commercial apparatus engages in the gesture of making from a state of personal detachment. Engaged in a singular task, the mind and the hand create an opening for divergent paths to align in a serendipitous moment, revealing something about the maker, about ourselves, and about the world we navigate together. Activated within a conceptual practice, muscle memory unlocks a power hidden within the peripheral, and reveals the ghosting of craft as a means of accessing the shared language of images.