Hung Viet Nguyen's Solo Exhibition SACRED MATTER
5080 W. Pico Blvd. LA, CA 90019
Sunday, March 5 at 4:00 PM 8:00 PM
Ends Apr 2, 2023
SACRED MATTER, a Solo Exhibition by HUNG VIET NGUYEN The exhibition showcase’s Nguyen’s highly textured painting technique, which imbues his landscapes and abstractions with a fantastical quality. All featured paintings are united by nature and interconnected by an exploration of the universal life forces that unite Spirit and Matter. The Sacred Landscapes series draws from the imaginary, playing in the realm of whimsy while being rooted in the artist’s reality. These paintings are playgrounds for the artist as complex compositions are built from swirling layers of paint, scrupulous fields of bold color, and playful forms. Nguyen notes that these paintings “reflect my inner self [and] many factors of myself which perhaps I can understand, or I can’t.” Going further than self-reflection, the artist’s weird and wondrous works embrace all that is known and all that is unknown. About Hung Viet Nguyen: Artist Hung Viet Nguyen was born in Saigon Vietnam in 1957. He studied Biology at Science University, then transitioned to working as an illustrator, graphic artist, and designer since settling in the U.S. in 1982. He developed his artistry skills independently, studying many traditional Eastern and Western forms, media, and techniques. Nguyen’s compels, labor intensive investigations of oil paint reveal a methodical mastery of textures. While portions of Nguyen’s work suggest the influence of many traditional art forms including woodblock prints, East Asian scroll paintings, ceramic art, mosaic, and stained glass, his ultimate expression asserts a contemporary pedigree.