Ericka Lopez: Continuous Touch
7414 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA, 90046
Saturday, March 11 at 6:00 PM 9:00 PM
Ends Apr 29, 2023
Tierra del Sol presents Ericka Lopez: Continuous Touch, curated by jill moniz. Continuous Touch hints at Lopez’s practice of learning material through her hands. Lopez is blind and feels color through touch and texture. moniz features Lopez’s color field hook rugs and organically contoured ceramics to highlight her expertise with material and her ability to communicate feeling through powerful aesthetic compositions. Texture is a signature element across all media in Lopez’s work, which serves as an invitation to step into her world of making transformative art. Lopez reminds us of the joy of touching to create, receive and to know. moniz hopes to translate Lopez’s passion for continuous touch into a new way to connect personal stories to a shared public engagement through art. She reads Lopez’s work as social practice, engendering collective, participatory action of building literacy with diverse and divergent making, inspired by other ways of seeing. moniz relates to Lopez’s art practice through a passion for exploration and through the shared space of being women of color in the art world. Despite challenges and obstacles, Lopez uses her practice to amplify her voice and to refuse being unseen. Ericka Lopez: Continuous Touch opens March 11, 2023 with a reception from 6-9 pm in Chinatown.