James Busby: Suspirium
4619 West Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016
Saturday, May 6 at 3:00 PM 5:00 PM
Ends Jun 10, 2023
Lowell Ryan Projects is pleased to present Suspirium a solo exhibition by South Carolina-based artist James Busby. Consisting of a series of intimately scaled abstract and representational works on canvas, panel, and wood, Busby explores perception through a physiological and psychological framework. The title of the exhibition, Suspirium, is the Latin term for a deep breath. This will be Busby’s first exhibition in Los Angeles and with Lowell Ryan Projects. Both hard-edge line and geometric shape provide structure to all of the works in the exhibition. In the case of the abstract works, lines function as a direction for Busby’s freehand brushwork. Once a formation of lines have been mapped out, often as simple as two or three lines, Busby loads a small paintbrush with paint and begins a meditative process of applying marks on the canvas until the paint has run out. The process is repeated until the entire canvas is filled with gradations of small-scale brushstrokes. The making of the abstract works involves a physical component—focus, attention, and consistency are required to achieve a rhythm of movement. While the works can take on an almost digital feeling, when viewed closely the artist’s hand becomes apparent as well as the tactile nature of the work. With the representational works, line and shape ground, levitate and distort a perception of scale in the imagery. Birds, deer, and trees that Busby can view from his rural studio on a lake in South Carolina are depicted in monochromatic graphite drawings on bare gessoed panel surfaces. Rendered in a small scale almost like a bonsai tree, the flora and fauna take on a psychological component. While they are all depictions of real life-size trees and animals, Busby distorts our understanding of his naturalist experience. Through the simple act of drawing a line or rendering a tree branch in shades of gray Busby is able to displace a sense of space and scale, ultimately questioning our understanding of certainty and alluding to our capacity to change our perception of the world around us.
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