Douglas de Souza: Rush Rush
1212 S. Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, California 90021
Saturday, May 6 at 5:00 PM 8:00 PM
Ends May 25, 2023
Good Mother Gallery is excited to present the inaugural Los Angeles solo exhibition of Brazilian artist Douglas de Souza, titled RUSH RUSH. De Souza's work explores the themes of masculinity, power, speed, and sexuality through the use of everyday images and canonical references of Western painting. In RUSH RUSH, de Souza presents a series of paintings that incorporate men's symbols of masculinity, such as cars and bikes, from a queer perspective. The artist also employs pop music and animal figures to further represent these themes. His formal decisions are deliberate, as he juxtaposes the hardness of the street and machine with the gloss of a car's hood or the shiny surface of a porcelain figurine. One of de Souza's signature techniques is his use of brightness, which he views as a source of resistance. His paintings feature inherent brightness from the polished surfaces of the central motives, as well as an extra layer of varnishing that offers protection to the artwork. Through this, he creates a luminosity that captivates the viewer and brings attention to his subjects. RUSH RUSH is a thought-provoking exhibition that challenges traditional notions of masculinity and power. Through de Souza's skillful use of everyday images and bright aesthetics, he presents a unique perspective on contemporary art.