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Saturday, May 20 at 5:00 PM 8:00 PM
Ends Jun 30, 2023
Los Angeles, CA, May 17th, 2023 - The Big New is pleased to present Montage, a TBN Projects exhibition featuring new work by Southern California-based artists Deanna Barahona, Jesus Lopez, and Javier H. Ruiz. An opening reception will take place on Saturday, May 20th, from 5-8 pm. Derived from early 19th-century modernism, Montage finds its origins in the French verb "monter," meaning "to assemble." In the broader realm of visual arts, montage serves as a means to combine disparate and seemingly unrelated parts into a unique composite whole. This dynamic use of the concept of montage is showcased in the works of Barahona, Lopez, and Ruiz, who all employ techniques that challenge fixed perspectives through the unique amalgamation of imagery, iconography, material, and color. Deanna Barahona's works feature fluorescent-painted tiles that adorn the family images that take center stage in her unique compositions. Drawing inspiration from the colors, objects, and shapes of her upbringing, Barahona constructs visual narratives that revolve around herself and her closest connections. For Barahona, her personal surroundings serve as the foundation from which creativity flourishes. Immersed in the ornamental streets of Guatemala, she finds healing and fuel for her artistic practice. Through spirited multimedia works, Barahona creates a unique artistic language that champions self-expression. Jesus Lopez's series of paintings depict inflatable anthropomorphic objects across both private and public spaces in his life. By blending human and plastic forms, these works offer commentary on the adult entertainment industry, an industry Lopez openly and candidly acknowledges his involvement with for years. Through vibrant and multi- dimensional paintings, Lopez aims to destigmatize the connotations associated with such activities, celebrating them as a natural phenomenon. Injecting a sense of humor, he alleviates tension and addresses any negative preconceptions associated with working on sensitive content. Javier H. Ruiz draws inspiration from the magical realist tradition of Colombia, infusing his paintings with expertly manipulated light, shadow, vibrant color palettes, and realist forms to create compositions that evoke the fragmented nature of memory and the kaleidoscopic montages of the dreamworld. Through his art, Ruiz conjures an otherworldly portrayal of his immigrant experience, weaving together childhood memories with his current life in Los Angeles and his ongoing connection with his Colombian homeland. This series represents Ruiz's continued exploration of the unique way in which the medium of painting can bring together fragments of the past, experiences of the present, and visions of the future to create uniquely personal tableaus that are deeply personal yet universal in their depictions of our shared experience. In their respective works, all three artists—Deanna Barahona, Jesus Lopez, and Javier H. Ruiz—skillfully combine fragments of memories, the human form, and contrasting symbols and iconography to create unique compositions that allude to an unknown narrative hidden within. These "montages" tell a non-linear story that is playful and elusive and speak a truth about the ephemeral nature of our existence - a reality that unites us all. Artists: Deanna Barahona (b. 1997, Los Angeles, CA) received her BFA from California State University, Bakersfield, and is currently an MFA candidate at the University of California, San Diego. During her graduate studies, Barahona received prestigious funding from the Russell Foundation. Her work has been featured in publications such as Art and Type Magazine. Barahona has participated in numerous group shows across Southern California, including at UCLA, Phase Gallery, and Bread & Salt. She will present her work this year in a forthcoming group show at Charlie James Gallery in Los Angeles. Jesus Lopez (b. 1994, Riverside, CA) received his BFA from the University of California, Riverside, and his MFA from California State University, Long Beach. He was one of several artists the city of Colton contracted to help with their first official mural project. During his undergraduate career, Lopez received the Marius de Brabant fund. He has presented his work in galleries around Southern California, including Barbara and Art Culver Center for the Arts, Phyllis Gil Gallery, and The Gatov Gallery in Long Beach, California. Javier H. Ruiz (b. 1990, Pereira, Colombia) received his BFA from California State University, Long Beach. He is the founder and director of the H.E.R.R Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to revitalizing communities and educational environments through mural projects, donations, and workshops in support of emerging artists. A Nell O. Fogg and Fine Art Affiliate scholar, Ruiz has presented his works at the Brand Library and Arts Center in Glendale, Tlaloc Studios, and Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center in Anaheim, CA. About TBN Projects: TBN Projects was founded in Los Angeles in 2022 and developed out of The Big New (TBN)'s desire to provide a platform for early and mid-career curators and artists to collaborate on new projects and exhibit their work. We are not limited in our definition of who an artist is and what art can be, and we will actively promote collaborations and projects with artists and creators across all disciplines in the pursuit of the most interesting ideas and outcomes. TBN Projects is located at: The Big New, 2940 Leonis Blvd, Vernon, CA 90058 Gallery hours: From May 20th, 2023: Tuesday - Friday: 9am - 2pm or at other times by appointment. General information and gallery appointments: For more information: @_bignew_ @tbnprojects