Holly Elander: A Change of Scenery | New Landscapes: Todd Carpenter + Shawn Waco
170 S La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036
Saturday, May 20 at 5:00 PM 8:00 PM
Ends Jun 17, 2023
LAUNCH Gallery is proud to present two exciting exhibitions featuring unique perspectives on contemporary landscape presented by local artists Todd Carpenter, Holly Elander and Shawn Waco. Holly Elander explores new locations that offer solitude and inspiration in their quiet calm for her solo exhibition, A Change of Scenery. This collection of small, intimate acrylic paintings are different from her usual contemplations on modern architecture bathed in light in suburban Southern California locales. These quiet renderings of rural, natural settings comprised of sweeping, open spaces and personal hideaways are creations that Holly finds comforting and hopeful as she continues her trek toward the new normal. Much of my body of work has been influenced by my life growing up in Los Angeles in a mid-century modern house, curated with meticulously stylish furniture and books. Over the years of being surrounded by this "California cool" aesthetic, I learned to draw inspiration for my own work from it. My eventual love of the Los Angeles modern style came only after years of my own resistance to it. For much of my life I wanted to live in a traditional house with a white picket fence where I would have to shovel snow from the drive and everyday after school I climb the stairs to my own imagined room of traditional "normalcy". Now when I wish to see the colors change with the season, feel the cool breeze of a cape side town, or listen to the silence of a sprawling desert plane. I paint the scene to transport me there. Todd Carpenter continues his monochromatic exploration of contemporary natural and urban landscapes with expertly applied oil paint using only a pallet knife, a retired credit card and his fingers. The paintings in this new collection are personal recollections of the recent pandemic sourced from travels through California and more recent adventures in the Caucus region of Eastern Europe. Todd’s manipulation of light and his detailed visual interpretations of place were honed over several decades in Southern California and recently employed to record these new locales, both real and imagined. Shawn Waco’s first exhibition at LAUNCH presents mixed media 3-D relief urban-scape and landscape paintings. These intricate wall sculptures are comprised of layered laser cut and etched wood panels thoughtfully brought to life using acrylics, spray paint and resin. Shawn also draws inspiration from years of living and art-making in Los Angeles while occasionally seeking refuge and inspiration in his worldly travels. Image: Shawn Waco
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