Elixir curated by Gabriela Ruiz
447 e 32nd st Los Angele Ca
Saturday, July 22 at 6:00 PM 10:00 PM
Ends Aug 12, 2023
This Saturday! July 22nd, Tlaloc Studios proudly presents "Elixir," a groundbreaking group exhibition curated by Gabriela Ruiz. With its association to magical, transformative, and healing properties, the concept of elixir takes center stage in this debut curatorial show. Our aim is to reimagine the art world by showcasing an elixir-like remedy that can bring about profound change. In doing so, we recognize and elevate femmes and gender non-conforming individuals as the driving force behind this transformative movement. "Elixir" serves as a powerful platform, amplifying the voices of artists and allowing their unique perspectives to shape the narrative. By delving into their artistic lens, we gain insight into how they perceive the world, experience life, and express themselves. Through this exploration, "Elixir" becomes a catalyst for showcasing their exceptional talent and shedding light on their distinctive experiences. This exhibition is a testament to the long-awaited remedy we have all been searching for—a refreshing antidote that breaks free from the confines of traditional art. It not only challenges existing norms but also celebrates the voices and creative vision of these exceptionally gifted artists