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Thursday, September 14 at 6:00 PM 8:00 PM
Ends Oct 14, 2023
Anna Zorina Gallery is pleased to present BEYOND THIS OCEAN, a group exhibition, featuring the work of Kive artists hailing from various parts of the world. Curated by Francisco Tavoni, the exhibition delves into artists’ distinctive connections with the ocean, conveyed through their artistic expressions in the media of painting. BEYOND THIS OCEAN is a conceptual theme selected to signify ocean’s role as a unifying force which binds artists from various corners of the globe. Within the paintings the boundary separating nature from the self becomes indistinct. For instance, Katia Lifshin’s artwork often features tranquil azure oceans and draping skies juxtaposed with the psychedelic patterns and contorted forms of a female Kigure. Her dreamlike imagery explores themes of identity and the subconscious. Another manifestation of the ocean’s inKluence is evident in Hunter Amos’ abstract approach to painting which centers on capturing and refracting the encompassing natural world. It is achieved through his skillful use of monochromatic shading and intricate lines, adding layers of depth to his works. Surf City, which has left an indelible mark on Los Angeles, serves as an ideal backdrop for this thematic group exhibition. This inKluence is notably reKlected in various ways, from Francisco Tavoni's initial fascination with the surf photography to Hunter Amos' profound connection with the ritualistic act of surKing itself. Adriana's daily routine commences with a visit to the nearby ocean, where she seeks a blessing, while Katia Kinds solace and rejuvenation in the ever-changing dynamics of the ocean - its water, sky, and light. These artists draw inspiration from the ocean to convey a motivational message that resonates with both themselves and others. Francisco Tavoni (b. 1986, Caracas, Venezuela, lives in Berlin, Germany) creates color- saturated artworks that are the result of Kilm processes being manipulated in new and unlikely ways. Tavoni’s most recent series presents the spectral, abstracted silhouettes of women from the shoulders up, in radiant hues. The large-scale images can read as painted Kigures. In fact, the artist creates this effect by using a gauzy fabric to obscure Kiner details of the photograph. The artist represents his subjects beyond social structures and systems deKined by culture, language, nationality. Tavoni’s work has been exhibited internationally at the ATM Gallery in New York, Lindberg Galleries, Melbourne; Adhesivo Contemporary, Mexico City; Nassima Landau Foundation, Tel Aviv. Hunter Amos (b. 2002, Australia) is currently based in New York City. His paintings are psychological observations of the human subject in palettes inspired by the richness of terracotta, the sheen of stone, and the warmth of carved wood. The paintings fuse the complexities of futurism with an appreciation for form. His work has been exhibited in solo and group shows including those at Jai Gallery, Byron Bay; Scanning of Modulations, Wzdtek, Byron Bay; Summer Salon, Art House Gallery, Sydney and his upcoming debut solo exhibition in New York. Adriana Oliver (b. 1990, Barcelona, Spain) is best known for her bold, cenamatic paintings rooted in the realm of Pop Art. With elegant graphic sensibility, her faceless portraits and blank silhouettes examine societal expectations in modern-day life. Started as a photographer, Oliver then transitioned to painting for the freedom it granted her over the image and, by extension, the greater capacity for storytelling. Katia Lifshin (b. 1993, Israel) is a Ukraine-born Israeli artist who primarily focuses on themes of family bonds, childhood memories, identity and friendship. She uses old monochromatic photographs to guide and inspire her work. Utilizing the photographs as a reference, she recasts the vintage scenes with new meaning, driven by her own personal narrative. The artist has exhibited widely in international shows including the Buckham Gallery, Flint, Michigan, (9) Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona, Hacubia Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel, House of Artists, Rishon, Lezion, Barrette Art Center, Poughkeepsie, New York, to name a few. Samantha Rosenwald (b. 1994, Los Angeles) received her BA in Art History from Vassar College in 2016 and her MFA in Fine Art from California College of the Arts in 2018. Samantha works primarily in painting, colored pencil, and ceramic. By threading together contemporary culture, visual pun, and the dogmas of art history, she creates absurd, personal, and darkly funny portraits which illustrate what it feels like to be alive. Rosenwald has shown with galleries such as Zevitas Marcus, CULT Exhibitions, Good Mother Gallery, and Mostyn, and has been featured in publications such as New American Paintings, Art Maze Magazine, and Voyage LA. For further information, please contact Ismael Gardea at +1 323-633-9700 or via email at