Stephanie H. Shih: American Gothic
5538 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90038
Saturday, September 16 at 6:00 PM 9:00 PM
Ends Oct 12, 2023
Stephanie Shih chooses to represent objects that are distinctly recognizable of a kind of ’80s American mass culture: Twinkies, Wonderbread, Prozac. The works, when collected together, take on a bizarre nostalgia (who would be nostalgic for Pepto-bismol?). They seem like objects that might appear in flashes of memory, from the kitchen cabinet on the coffee table of one’s childhood. In America where so much of the fabric of daily life is peppered with logos, advertisements, incessant branding, a strange comfort can be created by the presence of such objects. They become evocative.