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Saturday, September 30 at 10:00 AM 6:00 PM
Ends Jan 31, 2024
The Group Exhibition's title was inspired by Duke Ellington's 1943 symphonic debut performance at Carnegie Hall. The title rebukes the assertion that American Culture can be categorized by a single people and that our society is diverse & includes a broad spectrum of cultural influences. Our vast diversity is the result of various diasporas, As Ellington indicated, our variety in appearance perhaps will lead us to distinct experiences, but that does not negate that we still fall under the same umbrella. In light of the shared experiences between cultures and in an effort to highlight the complex stories that lie behind the labels, the Black, Brown, and Beige exhibition brings forth artists whose work parallel the trajectory that Ellington’s symphony set out to cover; historical, transitional, and contemporary narratives, interweaving these intersections and interconnections guided by the beat of Ellington’s defying composition. Curated by Jimmy O’Balles of Suvir Arts Collective.