Yoo Lee: The Nectar Instead
3540 Winslow Dr. LA, CA 90026
Sunday, November 5 at 3:00 PM 5:00 PM
Ends Dec 3, 2023
Winslow Garage is pleased to present“The Nectar Instead”a stop-motion animated film by Los Angeles artist Yoo Lee. Lee is a Korean-American artist and filmmaker who started her career as a fashion designer before transitioning to animation. Lee was drawn to stop-motion animated films because she views it as a single endeavor that demands all of her accumulated knowledge and discipline. Lee wrote and directed five stop-motion animated shorts over a period of four years while pursuing her MFA in Animation and Digital Design at USC, which she obtained in 2023. She is a recipient of the Film Independent Laika Animation Fellowship and the Fox Fellowship. She also won the Grand Jury Animation Prize at the Florida Film Festival in 2022, which qualified her for the 95th Oscars. Her work is currently distributed through the New Yorker Screening Room and Max, formerly known as HBO Max. On view by appointment through Dec.3rd