204 S. Avenue 19, Los Angeles, CA 90031
Saturday, October 21 at 6:00 PM 11:00 PM
Ends Nov 11, 2023
GALLERY SADE LOS ANGELES presents ME AND YOU AND ME AND // a MAXIMALIST GROUP EXHIBITION of 60+ ARTIST FRIENDS bound by YEAR 2000+ISH BIRTHS that are COLLECTIVELY DEDICATED to DISOLVING the FEARY FUTURE FOGS with an OPENING CELEBRATION on SATURDAY OCTOBER 21ST from 6-11PM ME AND YOU AND ME AND is a MASS MEDICINAL MIRROR representing NEXT WAVE REINVENTIONS of TROPES via RECOMBINATIVE CULTURAL CORRUPTIONS and ASSEMBLAGE REINVENTIONS and XEROGRAPHY ERROGRAPHY and RECLAIMED REALITIES of NEW GEOMETRIES ME AND YOU AND ME AND features an EXPERIATIONAL INSTALLATION and FORCED COMMUNION with a MULTITUDE OF MIXED MEDIAS INTIMATELY MASSED TOGETHER ME AND YOU AND ME AND at GALLERY SADE LOS ANGELES will be ON VIEW EVERY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY FROM 1-6PM AND BY PRIVATE VIEWING APPOINTMENTS VIA SADE-LA@SADE-LA.COM UNTIL SATURDAY NOVEMBER 11TH ME AND YOU AND ME AND is an INVITATION TO OUTSIDERS as proofed by POLYGLOT POPUP EVENTS including SADE SUNDAY SOCIAL SESSIONS with RETHINKINGS OF READINGS and ARTIST HAND HOSTED TATTOOINGS and an EVOLVING ETCETERA of EXPERIENTIAL ECSTASIES FOLLOW @SADELOSANGELES ON IG FOR INVITATIONS AND UPDATED INFORMATION FOR INQUIRIES and CATALOGS and PRIVATE VIEWING APPOINTMENTS contact SADE-LA@SADE-LA.COM GALLERY SADE LOS ANGELES is located at 204 S AVENUE 19 LA CA 90031 FEATURED ARTISTS Zoe Alameda, Hannah Anderson, Quintin Atchison, Selin Aydin, Francine Banda, Zack Benson, Chip Barrett, Lucy Black, Alex Carmen, Maria Carolena, Aaron Chang, Jiayun Chen, Sophronia Cook, Josh Culberson, Sam Dybeck, Naima Eckhardt de Carmargo, Roma Edwards, MLE, Sila Ersayin, FNNNGN, Nick Forman, Gbenga, Marcelle Green, Tristan Hirsch, hooz, Grace Horan, Violet Treadwell Hull, Andrew Hunczak, Casey Kauffmann, Maxwell Kazuo, Joseph Klahr, Charlie Korman, Avia Lamb, Shane Landi, Dillon Lee, thomas macie, M.O., Grace Muller, Mabel Parker, Peace On The Sun, The Perfect Nothing Catalog, Chloe Rees, Karina Remer, Will Richter, Jacob Rogers-Fett, Laurena Roytberg, Jeremy Saborio. Tasneem Sarkez, Seth Thomson, Gabriel Tolson, TINO, song, Sam Takano, Kayli Temple, Nova Thoreen, tibby, Ashlynn Trane, Ayush Varadhan, Chris Velez, Walker Programming and curation by Zoe Alameda, Alex Carmen, Roma Edwards, Laurena Roytberg, Kayli Temple, Ashlynn Trane, Gabriel Tolson, and Brian Lee Hughes.
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