The MFA's of LA - Group Exhibition
1212 S. Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, California 90021
Saturday, November 11 at 4:00 PM 8:00 PM
Ends Nov 23, 2023
Good Mother Gallery is thrilled to announce a survey of art from America’s best MFA programs. This exhibition, titled “The MFA’s of LA” will bring together a remarkable array of artistic expression from 17 local MFA candidates, showcasing a mix of painting, sculpture, photography, and video installation curated by Leslie Fram. “The MFA’s of LA” culls artworks from graduate students within the seven esteemed MFA programs across Southern California (CalArts, ArtCenter, UCLA, USC, UC Riverside, UC Irvine and Otis), highlighting the best MFA artists within each institution. Join us for this unique opportunity to experience up-and-coming MFA creatives before they become art stars. CalArts Taylor Thomas Michele Lorusso Congyu (Zoe) Liu Catherine Wang ArtCenter Shelby Drabman Madeline Ludwig-Leone UCLA Nehemiah Cisneros Molly McDonald Sheng Lor Yezi Lou USC Cash-Cooper UC Riverside Matt Reiner UC Irvine Khadijah Silva Alberto Lule OTIS Georgina Clapham Vita Kari Joaquin Stacey-Calle