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Saturday, February 24 at 7:00 PM 11:00 PM
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Moving away from Miami to California, the disconnect started to make me miss home and I needed to voice my struggle. I started to play upon the idea of playing with colors, so I used pink which is mostly related to being feminine to express my identity. Pink, which was used once as a royal color in the 1800s for masculinity, all changed in the 1900s to being strongly used to express femininity. Caribbean islands use these bright hues such as lime greens, bright oranges and pastels in their culture to express their culture differently which differ very much from the use of the colors in European history. I wanted to use my Haitian-Caribbean roots to take back our culture and showcase to the world that the history is not gone. Most of African American history has been removed, whitewashed, capitalized, and colonized by present day America. Indigenous art has been thought of as naïve by those who are not aware. // FJB /// FRANTZ JEAN-BAPTISTE (B 1991, MIAMI) IS AN ARTIST OF HAITIAN DESCENT LIVING AND WORKING IN LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA AND IS AN ALUMNUS OF ART CENTER IN PASADENA AND THE CALIFORNIA COLLEGE OF ARTS IN SAN FRANCISCO FRANTZ JEAN-BAPTISTE // COMFORT IN SAFETY OPENS TO THE PUBLIC ON SATURDAY JANUARY 27TH 2024 FROM 7-11PM AT GALLERY SADE LOS ANGELES // 204 S AVENUE 19, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA FRANTZ JEAN-BAPTISTE // COMFORT IN SAFETY WILL BE ON VIEW EVERY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY FROM 1-6PM AND BY PRIVATE VIEWING APPOINTMENTS AT ALL OTHER TIMES UNTIL SUNDAY MARCH 17TH FOR INQUIRIES OR PRIVATE VIEWING APPOINMENTS CONTACT SADE-LA@SADE-LA.COM XOSADE
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