SUPERCOLLIDER x Brand Library & Art Center: SUMMERTIME
1601 W. Mountain Street, Glendale CA 91201
Saturday, March 30 at 6:00 PM 9:00 PM
Ends May 18, 2024
SUPERCOLLIDER and Brand Library & Art Center are pleased to present SUMMERTIME. Curated by: Marcela Vieira Featuring the work of: Andrea Ganuza Beatriz Toledo Berfin Ataman Brice Bischoff Carolina Caycedo and David de Rozas Edgar Fabián Frías Isabel Beavers Janaina Wagner Joel Kuennen Lauren Bon Maurício Chades Noara Quintana Sofia Borges Star Feliz Wallace Masuko SUMMERTIME considers the landscape as the consequence of human production, the result of the transformation from its natural state. The topography has long been divided, fragmented, and modified according to social, economic, and aesthetic motivations. The terrain as it currently exists due to direct and indirect interference of human action, is itself a reflection of our society’s anxieties and is being continuously modified across generations. From an artists’ perspective there is no way of thinking about the landscape without considering issues related to the reformation of spaces and materials. In approaching landscape as a theme, SUMMERTIME focuses on the temporal, which is especially relevant to our current moment. What sorts of environments can contemporary artistic production create, considering the diverse range of tools and technologies that one finds at their disposal today? These tools enable artists to create new narratives, put forth unprecedented fictions, or even substantially alter materials that were once “natural,” to craft imaginative stories. The fifteen artists in the exhibition present works with various materials and develop strange configurations, creating relationships between their works and the gallery space. SUMMERTIME forges a path that seeks to investigate the reality and possibilities of representation, using fiction as a way to imagine alternative landscapes. The exhibition title SUMMERTIME was inspired by the song “Summertime”, written by George Gershwin, in particular the recording by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Nostalgic but moody with surreal undertones, it became a guiding star for the thematic explorations in the works on view. SUMMERTIME is a collaboration between SUPERCOLLIDER, the Brand Library and Art Center, and Glendale Unified School District. Students from Glendale Unified School District will create works inspired by the curatorial concept of SUMMERTIME and artworks in the exhibition to be exhibited in conversation with SUPERCOLLIDER’s exhibition. SUMMERTIME is on view from March 23 - May 18, 2024. Opening reception on Saturday, March 30, 2024 @ 6-9pm. Brand Library & Art Center is located at 1601 W Mountain St, Glendale, CA 91201. Image Credit: Brice Bischoff, #3, 2021