Manaz Raiszadeh: L'Afghane
636 Cypress Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254, USA
Saturday, March 30 at 6:00 PM 9:00 PM
Ends Apr 28, 2024
Shockboxx Gallery presents Manaz Raiszadeh's solo show, "L'Afghane." Manaz Raiszadeh, an Afghan-French-Californian artist, is set to captivate audiences with a deeply personal and transformative exhibition titled "L'Afghane." In this thought-provoking collection, Manaz Raiszadeh courageously shares the essence of her story as a woman who navigates the intersection of her Afghan, French, and Californian identities. The exhibition serves as a testament to her journey, exploring the complexities of her identity and the evolution of her voice as a woman. This solo show is a visual narrative of Manaz's journey – a tale of self-discovery, cultural intersections, and the pursuit of artistic expression. The exhibition explores the artist's encounters with fellow Afghans in California, the internal struggles of identity, and the empowering process of reclaiming her voice. Through a diverse range of artistic mediums, Manaz invites viewers to join her on a unique odyssey, challenging preconceived notions and celebrating the beauty found within the complexities of identity. Manaz Raiszadeh tells abstract, visual stories that words themselves cannot express. A self-taught French-Afghan artist based in San Diego, California, Manaz explores the world around us through her own lens, sharing a global perspective rooted in identity as well as societal and lived experiences. Inspired by the places we have been and the stories we are told, Manaz's artwork brings her concepts to life, eternalizing them in a vibrant tapestry of gestural hand-style lettering and thoughtful color composition. With an architectural edge, her work is reminiscent of well-worn street art scenery — layered, scraped, and reworked into colorful landscapes and connected narratives. Her intuitional style combines acrylic paint, oil pastels, paper collages, and a variety of other mediums, bringing depth and texture to each piece. Born and raised in beautiful Normandie, France by parents from the forgotten streets of Kabul, Afghanistan, Manaz eventually made her way to sunny San Diego, where she works daily from her home studio. With a French edge, a Californian dream, and some hot, boiling Afghan blood, Manaz creates work to not only share her stories with the world, but to show gratitude to the universe. Nestled within the Cypress Arts District of Hermosa Beach, California, ShockBoxx Gallery serves as the epicenter in the South Bay, where artists, curators, collectors, and patrons converge collectively to propel artistic progress. Established in March 2017 by the visionary duo of Mike Collins and Laura Schuler, ShockBoxx consistently hosts a diverse array of group and solo exhibitions showcasing emerging and established artists, each month delivering fresh artistic inspiration.
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