Brendan Lynch: The Theater
1212 S. Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, California 90021
Saturday, April 6 at 5:00 PM 8:00 PM
Ends Apr 24, 2024
Good Mother Gallery is pleased to present 'The Theater' a solo exhibition by Brendan Lynch. A STAGE FOR ACTION You have probably dreamt of acting. How wonderful you would look with a warm light caressing your face, staring into rows of eyes that look back at you. At your service for that brief moment is the audience. With the right execution, they can be manipulated by all of your tricks, even the ones they don’t notice. The sleight of hand, the shadow that lurks, a tree that trembles from an unsuspecting visitor. All these mechanisms work so that you, the viewer, can try your best to follow what might happen next. It is always assumed that the audience knows more than the character because you can see the full picture. Every potential outcome is situated for your next best guess. This is how we watch, judge, and contextualize life happening before us but not to us, to someone else. Our own big picture is hidden, on view to a passerby but never to oneself. We’re always looking ahead, unaware of what propels us forward. So what does it look like when we peek into the background, the illustrations that we miss that are not in focus or out of view? Like the mid-century ad men of Madison Avenue who dealt famously in the subliminal––a svelte body reveals its curves inside the ice cubes of your favorite cola––the background is suggestive, never forceful, only lending a hand to an inquiring mind. Life, much like the theater, often feels rehearsed, and simulated. Routine auto-pilot driving us to escape the mundane into what we suspect is new and exciting. But it is in that very mundanity, that inanimate image that we ask you to lean in further to explore. Lifting the veil on the real and into the hyperreal, the background is an invitation to a whole new work of art. -Frank Nesbitt Tinseltown based artist, Brendan Lynch, engages in the vast universe of painting. The background, by definition, goes unnoticed. So what happens when it is put into a position of prominence or celebrated? Bringing the often-unseen artistry and collaborative efforts of production teams within the arts to the forefront. Lynch's exhibition is a vibrant tribute to the creative process, highlighting the relationship between varied scenes and the beauty embedded within them. His paintings, a collection of stills picked from theatre, animation, music videos, celebrity sex tapes, fashion shows, other artists paintings, film, and his own imagination invite a deeper engagement with fleeting moments. We welcome you to the “The Theater.”