Lee JongSong: Movement
215 South La Cienega Boulevard Suite 210
Saturday, April 6 at 3:00 PM 6:00 PM
Ends May 3, 2024
Scott&Jae Gallery of Beverly Hills is delighted to present a solo exhibition by the Korean painter Lee JongSong entitled "In Movement''on view from April 06 to May 03, 2024. This exhibition is LeeJongSong's first solo show in Los Angeles and his second collaboration with Scott&Jae Gallery following the 2024 LA Art Show. With “In Movement,” Lee JongSong draws from the rich history of Korean art to reinterpret traditional landscape paintings within a modern global context. Lee channels his heritage in both form and content. His paintings are created via a unique process informed by the millennia long history of mural paintings in East Asia. Lee first constructs a clay base for his “wall paintings” by meticulously building layers of clay plaster made from his own personal formula based on two decades of research into ancient fresco techniques. Lee then uses natural mineral and organic pigments to paint vibrant landscapes filled with craggy mountains, lonely pines, and cascading waters. Although the subject matter is reminiscent of ink wash landscapes from the Joseon Dynasty, other aspects of Lee’s works—notably the stylized forms and the brightly saturated palette — are strikingly modern. As asserted by the title of the exhibition, a central theme explored in “In Movement” is motion. The rich textures of Lee’s works rendered not only by the artist’s deft brushwork but also the overlay of natural pigments on clay plaster evoke a propulsive sense of movement, like that of a gale breathing life into the landscape.
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