Peter Frederiksen: Going to all the wrong places | Brittany Tucker: Showing Up | Hannah Wilson: Number One Fan
6830 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90038
Friday, April 19 at 5:00 PM 7:00 PM
Ends May 18, 2024
Peter Frederiksen: Going to all the wrong places Steve Turner is pleased to present Going to all the wrong places, a solo exhibition by Chicago-based Peter Frederiksen that features embroidered works depicting people at the edge of a precipice. His colorful embroideries highlight an instant in time, right before or right after an action. One shows a foot at the starting line for a footrace and another presents feet at the edge of a cliff. In the title work, the fingers of someone who is not visible are desperately clinging to the top edge of a building. The works are inspired by the Golden Age of animation and they elicit both nostalgia and a sense of foreboding. Peter Frederiksen (b. 1987, Chicago), attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2006-2008) and has had solo exhibitions at UNION Gallery, London (2020); Galleri Urbane, Dallas (2020, 2021, 2023); Massey Klein Gallery, New York (2022); Moosey, Norwich (2023) and at The Flat, Milan (2023). This is his first exhibition with Steve Turner. - Brittany Tucker: Showing Up Steve Turner is pleased to present Showing Up, a solo exhibition by Vienna-based Brittany Tucker which features six new paintings that depict the artist’s quest to find identity in a difficult and confusing world. Tucker’s likeness is part of every painting: in an elevator, waist-deep in quicksand, falling off the earth and at the edge of a dance stage. In half the paintings, Tucker is paired with her longtime antagonist, a cartoon-like white man who often appears to be stalking her. Loosely painted in murky shades of gray with accents of black and white, the paintings pose more questions than they answer, but they still reveal a central character who is showing up. Brittany Tucker (b. 1996, Brooklyn) received a BA at Bard College (2018) and is currently studying at the Art Academy, Vienna. She has had solo exhibitions at Steve Turner, Los Angeles (2019, 2020 & 2022) and DWDS, Bregenz, Austria (2021). Tucker has also presented works at September Gallery, Hudson, New York (2021) and at The Armory Show, New York (2021, with Steve Turner). She lives and works in Vienna. - Hannah Wilson: Number One Fan Steve Turner is pleased to present Number One Fan, a solo exhibition by Glasgow-based Hannah Wilson that features new paintings which depict Rupert Pupkin and Jerry Langford, the two main male characters in King of Comedy, the dark satirical film which Martin Scorsese directed in 1982. Wilson’s paintings do not precisely depict the characters as they appear in the film. There are several steps, first a screenshot, then a drawing and finally the painting. In this way, Wilson endeavors to capture something essential about the characters as they continue their exploration of masculinity by focusing on failure. Hannah Wilson (born 1995, Milton Keynes, England) earned a BA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, London (2016) and an MFA at the Glasgow School of Art (2022). They have had solo exhibitions at Bim Bam, Paris (2023); Grove Gallery, London (2023) and Moosey Gallery, Norwich (2021) and have included work in thirty different group exhibitions in the United Kingdom since 2015. Hannah Wilson. The Tape (Rupert), 2024. Oil on canvas, 59 x 70 7/8 inches (150 x 180 cm)
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