Paal Anand: Light in Space
8687 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Thursday, April 25 at 6:00 PM 9:00 PM
Ends May 4, 2024
Pacific Design Center, Blue Building, Suite 528 April 25th, 2024: Artists Panel at 6:00pm Reception to follow until 9:00pm Future DMND Gallery presents Light in Space In a reverential exploration of Southern California's distinctive artistic influences on the realms of art and design, the collaborative endeavor between FUTURE DMND GALLERY, guided by the curation of Steve Gallindo and Issa Ababseh, unfolds an exhibition that explores the profound interplay of Light and Space. Light, a primal force succinctly defined as the medium that "stimulates sight and renders things visible," embodies the radiant essence permitting our perception of the corporeal world. Simultaneously, Space, delineated as a "continuous expanse, free, available, or unoccupied," unfolds as the expansive canvas upon which this thematic exploration unfolds. The selected artists showcased in this exhibition confront the intricate convergence of Light and Space in distinctive ways. In Todd Williamson's abstract oeuvre, a symphony of color tones and abstract delineations beckons the observer into a profound journey through luminosity, transcending the canvas into an eternal escapade of profound depths. Meanwhile, Paal Anand's art masterfully weaves realistic and mythical figures against a backdrop of opulent darkness, creating a narrative space where the interplay of light and shadow serves to "counter dark and light, devoid of color," steering the viewer to compelling narratives within each image. In the realm of Laddie John Dill’s artistic creations, Light transcends its conventional definition, transforming into a tangible element that bathes the surrounding "Space". The luminosity emanating from the sculptural pieces becomes an immersive force, enveloping and engaging the viewer within the ethereal dance of Light in Space. This exhibition transcends a mere display of artistic prowess; it invites contemplation on the fundamental duality of Light and Space, each artist acting as a philosopher, guiding the audience through the metaphysical dimensions of their creations.