New Visions | Positive Exposure: SoCal Asian American Art
5458 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Saturday, May 4 at 4:00 PM 8:00 PM
Ends May 24, 2024
New visions of contemporary art from Eren Alptekin, Agop Gemdjian, Jackie Goldberg, Chrissy Hsieh, Maryam Salk & Bruce Sanders will be unveiled at The Artists Gallery (TAG) beginning May 1 and running through May 26. On Saturday, May 4, from 4:00PM to 8:00PM, The Artists Gallery invites the community and media to attend the opening reception for these new exhibitions. Each artist will be in attendance to meet guests and discuss their collections. The reception is free to attend. The six exhibitions will showcase diverse styles for collectors and art enthusiasts to appreciate. Intricate ceramic works, expressionist paintings, mixed media pieces and creative portraits will be on view during the month. Each solo exhibition presents unique themes. Exhibition titles range from Immersive Dimensions (Alptekin), Storyteller (Gemdjian), L.A. Romantic (Goldberg), Exploration (Hsieh), Domina (Salk), & Look to The Heavens (Sanders). Eren Alptekin’s Immersive Dimensions will present unique visual language that manifests throughout textured, large- scale paintings. Emphasizing spatial movement of light and shape, the artist creates dimensional abstract compositions that evoke the grandeur and natural beauty of coastal and architectural environments. Storyteller, a solo exhibition from Agop Gemdjian combines the bright colors of the east, Slavic mentality with views of the modern world. The collection illustrates personal philosophy and the inner force of icons and dynamics throughout the contemporary world. The showcase additionally presents the artistic maturity of the established artist, an Armenian by origin, born and raised in Bulgaria, and now working in the United States. According to Jackie Goldberg, her exhibition L.A. Romantic is a self-portrait – a paean to pieces and places that are intensely personal. The collection focuses on common objects and everyday scenes, finding glory in the most modest moments, majesty in the mundane. Chrissy Hsieh’s exhibition, titled Exploration, will visually display her evolution as an artist. Through intricate ceramic sculptures, the artist presents a journey of never-ending exploration. Hsieh’s earlier works centered around the complexity of the process, and the internal relationship with the art. The new collection is inspired by her relationship with Buddhism, spirituality, and personal growth. Maryam Salk’s Domina exhibition draws inspiration from the Latin word for mistress. Through collage the artist navigates the realms of sensuality and rebellion using iconic imagery from 70s and 80s Playboy cutouts. With vibrant acrylic hues as a base, she pieces together a narrative that challenges conventional norms and embraces the power of the feminine. Bruce Sander’s abstract expressionist exhibition, titled LOOK TO THE HEAVENS will present paintings as recordings of humble attempts to look inward. His process seems less a clinical evaluation, and more of a spiritual searching. Sander’s work is the product of reflecting upon the blessings, joys, sorrows, and losses he has experienced over a lifetime. Exhibitions at TAG change monthly, offering member artists the opportunity to showcase collections. While many members are local to Los Angeles, numerous are national and international constituents. Having a culturally diverse membership base aids in creating unique and intriguing exhibitions for the community at large. - Positive Exposure: SoCal Asian American Art features the work of Asian American artists from Southern California, a vibrantly alive and creative community. Curated by Shirley Asano Guldimann, Joyce Hayashi, and Sophia Quach McCabe, Positive Exposure will feature twenty-five artworks, including video installations to represent and promote Asian American artists from Southern California. According to the 2020 census, Asian Americans make up 15% of California’s population. Positive Exposure aims to showcase this community’s unique expressive visual language, reflective of diverse heritage and contemporary western culture and art traditions. The exhibition is made possible through sponsorships from Project Space and The Artists Gallery.
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