Moon & Stars: Los Angeles Asian Women in Art
2525 Michigan Ave, Suite #A2, Santa Monica, CA 90404
Saturday, May 4 at 5:00 PM 8:00 PM
Ends May 27, 2024
A beacon of unity, diversity, and celebration, the AAPI Heritage Month stands as a testament to the dynamic interplay of arts across various communities. This year, bG Gallery is thrilled to announce an extraordinary exhibition titled "Moon & Stars: Los Angeles Asian Women in Art." This showcase features the exceptional artistic talents and narratives of rising contemporary Asian women artists from the Los Angeles area. THE ARTISTS Sijia Chen | Kyong Boon Oh | Yumiko Glover | Amelie Laurice | Flora Kao | Shizuko Greenblatt | Sung-Hee Son | Ibuki Kuramochi |Amy Inouye | Lili Miura | Susan Lizotte | Robin Walker | Mary Lai | Yoon Chang Each artist offers a unique perspective and voice, promising a rich and diverse exploration of contemporary art. Among the featured talents, Sijia Chen explores cultural identity, community, and the convergence of diverse cultures. Through papercut collage painting, sculptures, and public art, she delves into the complexities of collective heritage and reveals the nuances of our sense of belonging. Kyong Boon Oh offers a poignant reflection on her journey as a first-generation immigrant. Her art, a confluence of personal memories and collective narratives, navigates the nuanced realms of assimilation, nostalgia, and the quest for belonging. Ibuki Kuramochi, celebrated as LA WEEKLY's "Artist of the Year" in their special "PEOPLE 2019" issue, brings her groundbreaking vision to the forefront, captivating audiences with her innovative expressions in digital and performance art. Meanwhile, Jen Cheng, serving as the West Hollywood City Poet Laureate from 2023 to 2026, enriches the exhibit with her lyrical prowess and insightful reflections on identity and community through her own creation of Feng Shui Poetry. CULTURAL CELEBRATIONS Expanding beyond the visual arts, bG Gallery will host a day of cultural performances and programming for the second time on May 18th, offering a dynamic array of experiences celebrating the richness of AAPI heritage. Attendees can look forward to the exhilarating beats of Improv Taiko, ancient traditional Korean music performed on the Haegeum by fifteen-year-old Kenneth Lee, thoughtful compositions of Feng Shui Poetry by Jen Cheng, and the serene rituals of a Japanese Tea Ceremony by Kaoru Kuribayashi. A day filled with laughter, reflection, and community engagement. COMMUNITY & COLLABORATIONS For 2024, bG Gallery is honored to collaborate with the National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association (NAAPIMHA), whose mission is to promote and redefine the mental health and well-being of the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander individuals and communities. Part of the proceeds from art sales and donations from Moon & Stars will be donated to support NAAPIMHA. Also new this year will be a collaborative expansion of the “Moon & Stars” art exhibition at Dorado 806 Projects. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as this exhibition and cultural celebration develops and grows! “Moon & Stars: Los Angeles Asian Women in Art" is not just an exhibition; it is a vibrant celebration of the stories, dreams, and artistic expressions of Asian women in Los Angeles. bG Gallery invites art collectors, enthusiasts, and the community at large to join in this splendid showcase, which promises to be a highlight of Los Angeles's AAPI Heritage Month celebrations.6