Needle in the Hay
1117 Venice Boulvard, Los Angeles 90015
Saturday, May 18 at 2:00 PM 5:00 PM
Ends Jun 22, 2024 is pleased to present group show Needle in the Hay curated by gallery featured artist Kristopher Raos. As the title suggests, Needle in the Hay is about looking – an act of searching deeply: for simple enjoyment or for ‘that accident which pricks me’. Same reasons that poets wrote: for the pleasure of arranging words on page, when authentic and corporeal, “looking” and “making” operate in the same plane for artists. The exhibition features visual artists predominantly from Los Angeles areas in different generations with diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Here the notion of art as riddles, games or vessel-for-concept is in the rear view mirror and viewers are left to trust their own senses to “look” and to discover these “messy realities”. The collection of work is a humble survey of this reciprocal relationship in recent practices. Artist: Sophie Barber, Jackie Castillo, Jennifer Celio, Jason David, Doug Edge, Victor Estrada, Luis Flores, Charles Garabedian, Ishi Glinsky, Ramiro Hernandez, Jody Joyner, Zara Kuredjian, Jacob Lenc, Brendan Lynch, Aryana Minai, Christopher Pate, Ken Price, Devin Reynolds, Lauren Reynolds, Luke Rogers, Robert Therrien, and Erica Vincenzi