Olympique Gates: Portals Of Nature
Friday, May 17 at 4:00 PM 8:00 PM
Ends Jun 2, 2024
Nestled within the venerable confines of a historic French-style apartment in Los Angeles, the second collaboration between GLB Properties and Rhett Baruch Gallery flourishes in Olympique Gates: Portals of Nature an exhibition that beckons visitors into a realm where art and architecture converge in harmonious dialogue In this storied setting, a curated showcase unveils the artistic endeavors of three luminaries within their respective domains, each contributing to a multifaceted exploration of the interplay between materiality and metaphysical inquiry Nick Biddle's transformative works, fashioned from urethane resin and pigments, serve as luminous beacons within the space, offering sculptural and investigative experiences. Highly sensitive to light, they dynamically bend, throw, and absorb it, creating a captivating interplay of illumination and shadow. Christopher Norman's architectural interventions, wrought from the subtraction of live-edge timber, resonate with the echoes of history embedded within the apartment's walls. These works, both functional and artistic, embrace negative space, skillfully shaping forms to create an illusion of occupancy, inviting viewers to ponder the unseen. At the heart of the exhibition lies the thematic motif of the "thin place," a concept evocatively rendered through Colt Seager's oil paintings, which pulsate with the energy of spontaneous creation, inviting viewers to peer through the veil separating the terrestrial from the transcendent Against the backdrop of this historic milieu, Olympique Gates: Portals of Nature emerges as a testament to the enduring power of art to transcend temporal confines, inviting audiences to contemplate the profound mysteries that lie at the nexus of creativity and contemplation. RSVP through info@rhettbaruch.com
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