Soiree of Style: Summer Exhibitions
5458 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Saturday, June 1 at 5:00 PM 8:00 PM
Ends Jun 21, 2024
New visions of contemporary art from Nagui Achamallah, Katy Bishop, Karen Hochman Brown, Negin Haghighi-Mismas & Joan Horsfall Young will be unveiled at The Artists Gallery (TAG) beginning May 29 and running through June 21. On Saturday, June 1, from 5:00PM to 8:00PM, The Artists Gallery invites the community and media to attend the opening reception for these new exhibitions. Each artist will be in attendance to meet guests and discuss their collections. The reception is free to attend. The five exhibitions will highlight diverse styles for collectors and art enthusiasts to appreciate. Exhibition titles range from 'Reflections 24' (Achamallah), 'INK/MOTION' (Bishop), 'Generation(s)' (Hochman Brown), 'Echos of Freedom, Dreams & Heroism' (Haghighi-Mismas), & 'Florals' (Horsfall Young). Nagui Achamallah’s 'Reflections 24' exhibition will visually present an immersive collection of paintings that delve into the realm of free associations and musings. Each painting in the collection is a window into the unconscious, where thoughts intertwine with colors, shapes, and forms to create visual narratives. 'INK/MOTION,' a solo exhibition from Katy Bishop will showcase gestural abstracts that fuse elements of perception, randomness, and control. Bishop describes her alcohol ink works as “wild abstracts with bold, vibrant colors that connect with a sense of harmony.” Karen Hochman Brown’s exhibition, 'Generations(s)' is an homage to influential women, particularly the artist’s grandmother and great-grandmother. The exhibition presents works that blend the traditional craftsmanship of crochet with use of modern technology - melding digital photography, laser-cut elements, and heirloom crocheted pieces. The collection is a creative tribute to the enduring legacy of generations past. 'Echos of Freedom, Dreams & Heroism,' presented by artist Negin Haghighi-Mismas, is inspired by the stories and artistic representations of individuals who have pursued rights and freedoms against formidable challenges. Through a blend of historical depth and contemporary relevance, her art represents society’s ongoing struggle for liberty and human rights. Moved by the rich tapestry of Persian history, this collection invites viewers to explore the profound impact of heroism in the never-ending quest for a better world. Joan Horsfall Young’s 'Florals' exhibition reveals a collection of traditional, impressionistic oil paintings inspired by art that predates the 20th century. Created to evoke tranquility and enhance the harmony of their surroundings, the collection of fresh floral paintings are meant to be breath of fresh air for viewers. Horsfall Young is known for utilizing thick buttery paints and bold brush strokes to remind us of gentler times.
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