Marcelo Eli Sarmiento: Moments You Cant Relive
517 Victoria AveVenice, CA 90291
Saturday, June 1 at 5:00 PM 8:00 PM
Ends Jul 15, 2024
Central Server Works is excited to announce Marcelo Eli Sarmiento's "Moments You Can’t Relive". This exhibition marks the artist’s second with the gallery and first since the fall of 2022. Moments You Can’t Relive showcases a collection of new works following his recent participation in Expo Chicago with AMFM. The pieces in Moments You Can’t Relive were meticulously crafted during a 2023 residency at The Macedonia Institute in Chatham, NY, offering a unique perspective on Sarmiento’s 10+ year artistic journey. The narrative thread woven through the paintings in the exhibition is a reflection on fleeting moments in life anchored in cultural history and personal resonance. At the heart of this exhibition are three distinct works, each capturing ephemeral moments enriched with deep meaning and spiritual significance.
  • 🖤Black-owned