Beyond Structure
7358 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036
Saturday, June 29 at 4:00 PM 6:00 PM
Ends Jul 26, 2024
Unveiling a compelling exploration of artistic innovation, Artspace Warehouse is thrilled to announce the upcoming exhibition, Beyond Structure, which invites art enthusiasts to delve into the intricate world of contemporary painters and sculptors who push the boundaries of form. Set against the backdrop of the vibrant Los Angeles art scene, this exhibition showcases a diverse array of artists who redefine the principle of structure, inviting viewers to contemplate the dynamic interplay between shape, form, space, and artistic expression. This exhibition promises a thought-provoking journey into the artistic minds that challenge traditional notions, creating a space where form transcends conventional limits. Beyond Structure is set to captivate both seasoned art connoisseurs and newcomers alike, offering a unique blend of artistic mastery and engaging exploration. Minnesota-based visual artist and performer, Kristina Fjellman delves into the concept of parts forming a whole, a notion rooted in nature's grand design. She meticulously crafts each element, celebrating their individuality, yet recognizing their collective power when brought together. From the subtle shifts within the human body to the cosmic dance of galaxies, Kristina seeks to capture the essence of movement within her creations. In her recent works, Fjellman explores the interplay of depth and layering, skillfully manipulating light and shadow to accentuate the intricacies of color, texture, and form. Embracing a more painterly approach, her pieces pay homage to abstract shapes and colors, offering a captivating glimpse into her artistic evolution. Fjellman's illustrious career has seen her artwork exhibited across several states, earning her multiple prestigious awards and securing placements in both public and private collections of distinction. Granville Beals produces contemporary industrial metal sculptures, drawing inspiration from avant-garde facets of figurative contemporary art and architecture. Born in Glens Falls, New York, and influenced by the poetry of dance and weightlessness, Beals intricately explores human connections through his sculptures. His work forms a symphony, with lines dancing through negative space, fostering a dialogue between the tangible and the intangible. Immersed in architectural and minimalist influences, Beals disrupts conventions, employing steel, found metal objects, color, and texture to meld art with space. As a thought provocateur, he challenges us to reconsider the tools, techniques, and aspirations shaping our relationship with buildings, advocating for the preservation of the landscapes we inhabit. Beals pioneers innovative techniques, creating modern abstract geometric designs inspired by contemporary art, architecture, and organic forms that express a unique vision for humanity in the modern world. Beals' artistic legacy extends beyond the private realm, with his works finding homes in public collections across California, New York, and internationally. Notably, his Holocaust Memorial sculpture stands as a poignant testament in Santa Clarita, California – a permanent embodiment of the profound impact his art has on the collective human experience. Heny Steinberg, a Mexican artist with a degree in graphic design from the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature in Mexico City, developed her unique style under the tutelage of Mexican Expressionist painter Eduardo Cohen from 1984-85. Steinberg's paintings, arranged in a grid or lattice system, undergo deconstruction and re-imagination, transcending two-dimensional representation with meanings beyond appearance. Drawing inspiration from American Abstract Expressionists like Helen Frankenthaler and incorporating a Mexican Cubist influence, Steinberg's color palette is both unique and soft, conveying dynamism, emotion, and playfulness. Her process involves decontextualizing concrete images over time to create something new and unique. Steinberg's artworks have been extensively exhibited in Mexico, gaining international recognition with exhibitions in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. Abstract artist LE BohemianMuse challenges artistic impulses, creating multifaceted artworks that tell stories of defiance with subtle vulnerability. BohemianMuse, a first-generation Ghanaian-American artist from the San Francisco Bay Area, explores the creation of new worlds through storytelling. Holding degrees in art and theater from Loyola Marymount University and the British American Drama Academy in Oxford, England, BohemianMuse focuses on textural elements as sources of detail, energy, and complexity, transcending obvious colors. Featured in the SF Gate article “I’m Still Creating, I Won’t Stop Creating’: Life as an SF Artist in Shutdown” and Shoutout LA Magazine's April 2021 issue, BohemianMuse embraces a self-proclaimed colorist identity working against creative stagnation by placing a focus on textural elements that act as a source of detail, energy, and complexity in place of obvious colors. Scott Froschauer, a contemporary sculptor, fabricator, and multi-media artist, holds a BA in Theoretical Linguistics from Syracuse University, influencing his use of positive messages and language in his work. Practicing "culture jamming," Froschauer employs familiar elements from the urban environment for social critique. Featured at Burning Man since 2004 and sponsored for various public and institutional projects, his work subverts signs and languages to transform negative rhetoric into alternative messages of positivity, connectivity, and playfulness. Since the opening of Artspace Warehouse in 2010, the gallery continues to be an industry leader in affordable, museum-quality artworks making collecting art accessible and budget-friendly. With one gallery in Zurich and two galleries in Los Angeles, Artspace Warehouse specializes in guilt-free international urban, pop, graffiti, figurative, and abstract art. The expansive 5,000-square-foot space offers a large selection of emerging and established artists from all over the world.