Lenny Silverberg: Streets and Borders | Frank Ryan: Lived Perspective
1206 Maple Ave, Ste 1005, Los Angeles, CA 90015
Saturday, June 8 at 6:00 PM 9:00 PM
Ends Jul 13, 2024
Track 16 Gallery is pleased to announce Streets and Borders, our first solo exhibition by Bronx-based artist Lenny Silverberg. His distinctive, carefully composed ink washes on paper often poetically, subversively, and emotionally address pressing political issues, human rights, and mental health. The works in this show were completed over a ten-year period and depict displaced persons, whether migrating from elsewhere or unhoused in their own countries. Greyish silhouettes are bent over and burdened. They move across the stark white of the paper without any clear origin or destination. Figures are not identifiable by time period or ethnic group, reminding us of the perpetual nature of these issues. Separated into two distinct series, the first depicts images of refugees, initially capturing the artist's interest during the Serbo-Croatian wars when images of displaced peoples engulfed news and media. Silverberg felt a need to respond and that it was the artist's job to witness and record. The resulting imagery brings to mind Goya’s The Disasters of War. Figures walk with large packs, their heads bowed; a man hurries a group of children, a mother cradles a baby in her shawl, and an elderly man staggers with his bundles of belongings. Silverberg’s grandparents were immigrants from Russia and Poland in their teens, arriving in the US without speaking the language. Fearing another upheaval, the family were always told to keep a bag packed. Returning to NYC after a hiatus on the West Coast, in Mexico, and joining the Haight Ashbury hippies, Silverberg moved into an artist loft at the edge of Soho, far before its gentrification. From his window, he witnessed streets filled with homelessness. He would draw the faces, a particular hat, an interesting scarf, anything that caught his eye. The resulting images start to piece together the makeshift homes and collections of these unhoused subjects but also reveal the portraits of those we overlook. - Rooted in reciprocity, Frank Ryan captures the spirit of moments and tangible elements of time. His exploration of virtuality, influenced by historical linear perspective conventions, invites viewers to reflect on their role within the visual structure. Realism becomes a lens for examining personal experience and the viewer’s relationship with the image.