The Rendezvous
949 Nowita Place, Venice, CA 90291
Sunday, June 9 at 12:00 PM 4:00 PM
Ends Jul 7, 2024
MEY is pleased to present The Rendezvous at Nowita Art House, a group exhibition featuring work by Wyatt Mills, Lindsey Jean McLean, Michael Harnish, Ellen Hanson, Pui Tiffany Chow, Erica Everage, Ileana Magoda, and Tia Xia. Titled as an homage to the present Los Angeles art scene, The Rendezvous celebrates the recent rise of—or should we say return to—the home as an alternative exhibition site. Since the pandemic, art has become increasingly accessible in domestic spaces, profoundly changing the landscape of contemporary artistic experience. This exhibition accordingly invites viewers into Nowita Art House, a coastal home for creativity nestled within the tranquil walk streets of Venice, California. The Rendezvous is more than a reference to the physical spaces people meet within to experience art; it is also a reference to a meeting point of different genres, namely figurative art and landscape painting. Amongst the featured paintings, vistas are bodily and anatomy is earthly—flesh feathers like clouds, limbs crash like waves, physiques bloom like florals. Through varied approaches, the presented artists unite body and landscape, generating a commanding new form of contemporary abstraction.