Future Lines
7377 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Saturday, July 13 at 4:00 PM 6:00 PM
Ends Aug 9, 2024
Artplex Gallery is pleased to present a futuristic dreamscape where art converges with technology in a mesmerizing display of creativity and innovation. Future Lines pushes the boundaries of contemporary art, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in a world where stark, cutting lines give shape to visionary concepts. Curated to challenge perceptions and ignite imaginations, the exhibition promises to redefine the landscape of artistic expression by seamlessly blending the realms of digital innovation and traditional craftsmanship. This groundbreaking exhibition showcases luminary glass sculptor Chris Wood and talented visual artist Anna Kruhelska, who dare to explore uncharted territories. Through their contributions, Future Lines offers a glimpse into the possibilities of tomorrow's artistic landscape. Join us as we embark on this exhilarating exploration of the intersection between art and technology, where the future unfolds through the power of imagination and creativity. Chris Wood, born in 1954 in Newcastle, emerges as a luminary artist, showcasing mastery in glass sculpture that attests to her exceptional talent. After graduating from Middlesex University in London with a focus on furniture design, Wood pivoted towards glass, embarking on a remarkable artistic journey at the Royal College of Art. Her tenure there saw her undertaking large-scale architectural projects, refining her expertise in manipulating light and space. At the core of Wood's artistic expression lies a profound exploration of reflection, both in material and phenomenological senses. Her artworks featured at Artplex Gallery represent a significant culmination of her enduring fascination with the concept of reflection. Ranging from small to large-scale creations, her pieces, distinguished by the adept use of glass and smooth surfaces, offer immersive environments for the perpetual creation and contemplation of abstract imagery. Utilizing a spectrum of high and low-tech optical materials, Wood harnesses patterns of light that evoke ephemeral glimpses of natural moments. Her sculptures, simple arrangements creating kinetic patterns in response to their environments, often incorporate dichroic glass developed by NASA in the 1950s. This glass features an optical coating that reflects specific wavelengths of light while allowing others to pass through, contributing to mesmerizing kinetic patterns within her wall sculptures. The dichroic glass serves as a conduit through which Wood explores the dual role of glass as both a conceptual image and a tangible substance. Wood has garnered global attention through prestigious commissioned works for entities including Fendi Fashion House, the esteemed Great Ormond Street Hospital, Rosie Maternity Hospital, Premier Inn Hotel, and a luxurious Scandinavian cruise ship. These collaborations underscore Wood's ability to seamlessly integrate her artistic brilliance into diverse settings, enhancing spaces with an enchanting fusion of nature-inspired aesthetics and unparalleled craftsmanship. Seamlessly blending her expertise in both fields, Anna Kruhelska, a talented visual artist and practicing architect based in Lodz, Poland, creates captivating works of three-dimensional minimalist modern art. Influenced by minimalism, architectural composition, and geometry, Kruhelska focuses on abstract, sculptural paper, and wooden wall reliefs that interact with light, producing effects dependent on the viewer's perspective. The central concept of her work revolves around the interplay between light and shade, contrast, color, and the repetitive patterns created by folds and hollows. Kruhelska describes her process, stating, "My process always begins in front of a computer screen, using software and tools primarily developed for architecture. I draw shapes and forms, seeking repeating patterns. Once satisfied, I translate 3D models to 2D for cutting from flat sheets of paper or plywood using a CNC cutter. After cutting, individual shapes are folded and glued manually. Hours of folding, gluing, and painting later, the shapes are ready for assembly." With numerous exhibitions spanning Italy, Poland, London, Germany, the UK, and the United States, Kruhelska continues to captivate audiences with her innovative approach to minimalist modern art. Since the opening of Artplex Gallery in 2018, the gallery continues to be one of the world's leading art galleries specializing in high-quality, original contemporary art representing a broad spectrum of major international artists. Right at home in West Hollywood and within immediate proximity to its sister gallery Artspace Warehouse, Artplex Gallery is an expansive modern space that specializes in international urban, pop, graffiti, figurative, and abstract art catering to the visual impact.