Lydia Horne curates: The Dinner Party
338 South Avenue 16, Los Angeles, CA 90031
Friday, July 12 at 5:00 PM 9:00 PM
Ends Jul 14, 2024
The Dinner Party is a multimedia group show featuring the work of twelve California-based artists. A nod to Judy Chicago's 1974 installation, the exhibition captures the rituals and themes found at meals. Using sculpture, photography, painting, and more, artists capture the many layers within the preparation, execution and aftermath of a dinner party. Curated by Lydia Horne with work by Zak Adams, Joana P. Cardozo, Julia Delmedico, Lydia Horne, Amy Longsworth, Andrea Nhuch, Mehregan Pezeshki, Kate Saubestre, Lela Shahrzad Welch, Luciano Thomas, Anne Vetter, and Zenaido Zamora.
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