DAVE QUICK: Return from the Burn and Other Work | SASINUN KLADPETCH: Echoes | MELISSA MEIER: Nature’s Masquerade
2525 Michigan Ave E3, Santa Monica, CA 90404
Saturday, July 13 at 6:00 PM 9:00 PM
Ends Aug 31, 2024
Dave Quick’s Return from the Burn and Other Work includes Quick’s 2024 wall-mounted, kinetic works from his Santa Monica studio, as well as three of his signature “white wall” museum satires and a collection of large scale kinetic/assemblage “backpacks.” Dave Quick, an alumnus of UCLA and a Santa Monica resident of over three decades, has been building, displaying, and even performing kinetic art since the 1970’s. - Kladpetch is most known for her minimalist sculptures, using both industrial and organic materials to reflect the beauty of nature that is hidden among urban living. She combines clay, concrete, plaster, resin, and ceramics with dirt and moss that she’s collected from across the United States and even from her home in Thailand. With the creation of her multimedia sculptures, Kladpetch asks us to witness the beauty that occurs when Man and Nature co-exist rather than disrupt. For Kladpetch, the materials and the process of creating something entirely unexpected are most important in her work. - Meier’s first series in this exhibit, Skins consists of wearable sculptures made from fragile organic materials including grains of rice, dried pasta, pistachio nut shells, flowers, and porcupine quills, among others. There will be a special fashion show with models wearing the intricate sculptures on July 13th @ 7 pm. Alongside her wearable organic constructions, Nature’s Masquerade presents a collection of ceramic sculptures from Meier’s Masks series.