Lauren Faigeles: Great Personality!
2049 S. Santa Fe Ave. Los Angeles 90021
Saturday, July 13 at 6:00 PM 8:00 PM
Ends Aug 17, 2024
Artist Curated Projects Presents: Lauren Faigeles has a Great Personality! Julian Schnabel thinks Lauren Faigeles has a Great Personality! Please do not try to verify this information. One painting stands tall at six feet by six feet, and some might call it square, but Lauren calls it Pussy-Assisted Suicide. A painting labored over for six years. Erasure, a technique that reigns supreme in her practice, is never subtractive but always additive. Her work is layered over years and years, and the painted space becomes overwhelmed with baggage. Faigeles takes a big ol’ trauma dump in the gallery. She paints with her hands, obstinately smudging and rubbing. An impasto application allows for a maximalist approach to negation. Faigeles erases by covering over, never taking away. The paintings underneath squawk to the surface, contrasting with the one-and-done works on paper. The title of this show comes directly from Faigeles’ play, which is published alongside seven poems and accompanied by ten paintings. The play follows Rebecca, a morbidly obese woman living in an infinite white space with Buffalo Bill (a serial killer who kills fat women) from the film The Silence of the Lambs. In love with the idea of destroying herself from the outside in, she works to befriend a serial killer who will carve her up. Making the best out of a bad situation, she proposes a compromise: Bill can perform plastic surgery on her and take half of her skin and fat. Bill will get what he wants: a skin suit to wear. Rebecca will get what she wants: to be half a person, half the size, and still alive. The paintings Fat Virgin and Freezing My Eggs accompany the poem Virgin Cry. Here, we see a virginal mother who was artificially inseminated and living in constant fear of her now grownup child losing their virginity before her. Fear of fertility and fertility of fear. This is Lauren Faigeles’ first Los Angeles solo show as she grows accustomed to rolling around in the muck while trudging the Road of Happy Destiny. -Lauren Faigeles Opening reception: Saturday, July 13th, 6-8 pm Artist Curated Projects at ArtMovement LA 2049 S. Santa Fe Ave. Los Angeles 90021 Please call 323.333.7351 to make an appointment