Conflict: LACP’s 10th Annual Members Exhibition
252 South Los Angeles Street Los Angeles, CA 90012
Thursday, July 11 at 6:00 PM 8:00 PM
Ends Sep 17, 2024
Conflict addresses how global conditions shift how we see others and represent ourselves, how we respond and communicate, how we see and understand lives in other places, as well as how we as individuals are affected by political, social and economic transformations. Top Prize Winners First Place – Olivia Phare Second Place – Hsing-Chia Hsieh Third Place – Ellen Zimmerman Honorable Mentions Dean Forbes, Kymberli Ghee, Helen Glazer, James Gunderson, John Hesketh, Nancy Kaye, Peter Krask, Aimee McCrory, Laila Nahar, Rollence Patugan, Jennifer Pritchard, Edward Rubin, Eric Smith, Tod Smith, JP Terlizzi, Jin Ting, Sandra Chen Weinstein